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Guide to Choosing a New Boiler

There are a number of benefits of installing a new boiler, but this particular blog post discusses the things you need to consider before making the leap into purchasing a brand new boiler. If this is something that you're looking to do, why not have a read about how we can help on our services page for new boiler installations? 

Which boiler do you choose? 

All modern boilers are condensing so there's no need to worry about that, but there are lots of different types of boilers to choose from. We've previously discussed the pros and cons of different types of boilers, but to give you a quick summary of the different types of boilers that you can install: 

  • Conventional boilers: Great for larger homes with a high demand for hot water, but they do require two water tanks, a water cylinder and the boiler itself so need lots of space
  • System boilers: Similar to conventional boilers and most suited to medium-large homes, except they do not require two water storage tanks and only need the boiler and the cylinder itself. 
  • Combination boilers: Combination boilers are increasing in popularity across the UK due to their versatility and their ability to deliver hot water as and when it's needed. 

If you're struggling to choose the right boiler for your home and you're looking to swap your boiler system over, get in touch with us. 

Size and Location of Your New Boiler

New boilers are a lot smaller than older boilers; thus, they can be fitted better into your home and hidden away, keeping it out of sight and out of mind. 

In addition to this, whilst newer condensing boilers are more efficient, they do release lots of steam through the flue when in operation Considering where this steam is filtered is a key thing to think about as it could end up annoying your neighbours or you might filter it into your window and back into your home.

Brand Manufacturer 

You also need to think about the manufacturer of your new boiler as there are advantages to each. 

For example, Glow Worm sell its boilers at low prices, whilst Worcester offers a no-catch 10 Year guarantee on some of their boilers. To ensure you receive the best advantages and benefits of a brand new boiler, you must choose what you believe to benefit you and your home. Sometimes low prices are great when you're looking for a brand new boiler on a small budget; whereas a 10 Year guarantee will give you the peace of mind you're after when installing a boiler. To find out which brand of boiler you should choose, make sure to take a look at all the manufacturers available to you. 

Need a Brand New Boiler in Camberley? 

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