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Is it Time to Fit a New Bathroom?

Your bathroom is likely the first room you use in the morning and the last one you use before bed, so why should it look so outdated and neglected? If your bathroom isn’t comfortable and luxurious, it could be time for a change. If you spot any of the following signs in your bathroom, call our expert bathroom fitters for a bathroom refurb...

Your bath isn’t fit for bathing in

If you’ve lost count of how many times you’ve tried to scrub away all of the grime, stains and mould building up inside your tub, you deserve a brand new bath installed by our expert plumbers. 
A bath should be relaxing and luxurious, not something you dread! There are hundreds of baths to choose from, ranging from pedestal bases to claw feet, something to suit every taste and price range.

You’ve got an old carpet floor

A carpeted floor can be great for keeping your toes warm when you step out of the shower but think about all of the dirt and dampness that has built up in the fibres over the years.
Install a new hard floor with underfloor heating to keep up with current trends, not to mention how much more hygienic and low maintenance it will be compared to carpet!

Out-dated bathroom tech

Bathroom technology trends move on quick. If you haven't renovated your bathroom for the last decade, you're potentially missing out on many new bathroom technologies. For instance, you could be missing out on heated towel rails, underfloor lighting, underfloor heating, monsoon showers and more. Not to forget, modern plumbing is more efficient than it used to be and less likely to break and need to be repaired, meaning you can save money on potentially expensive repair costs. 

Any more than a 30-second shower floods your bathroom

If you are limited to small, low-power showers to avoid flooding your bathroom, you’ve probably got a blocked drain. Over time, hair and soap/shampoo combine in your drains and create a disgusting blockage, causing a build-up of water when you shower.
This can be an easy DIY fix, but if the problem returns quickly it could be time to call out a plumber. If the blockages are causing your shower to look unsightly, why not invest in a new one to eliminate the problem completely?

You rely on your trusty shower curtain

You’ve probably gotten used to avoiding contact with your shower curtain and ignoring the mould creeping up from the bottom- but you shouldn’t have to.
Shower curtains are practical and cheap but are not the prettiest of shower solutions. If you’re sick of the sight of yours, why not try a new shower screen or enclosure?

Your windows are covered with curtains

Thick, heavy curtains can be unhygienic for the bathroom, gathering damp and mould over time, not to mention being a really impractical privacy solution. If your windows are clear glass and you risk exposing yourself after every shower, consider swapping to obscured glazing, frosted glass or window films. Save the curtains for the bedroom!

Time for a new bathroom in Camberley?

If you’ve spotted some of these signs in your bathroom, treat yourself to a brand new refurbishment with our expert plumbers. Here at C.F.S Boiler Installations Ltd, we offer brand new bathroom installations in Camberley and all surrounding areas such as Sandhurst, Bagshot, Bracknell, Fleet, Farnborough and Sunningdale.

To arrange a quote, give us a call on 01784 678 980 / 07428 799 927 or fill out our contact form. We'll look forward to hearing from you soon.