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Why Should I Hire a Gas Safe Registered Engineer?

Gas Safe engineers are the only engineers qualified to work on gas appliances and are the only people you should pay to work in your home. Here's why and here's what the term 'Gas Safe' means...

What is the Gas Safe Register?

The Gas Safe Register is a list of all qualified engineers in the UK. The register replaced CORGI in 2009 with an updated, improved set of guidelines.

What is a Gas Safe Engineer?

Simply put, a Gas Safe engineer is an engineer on the Gas Safe Register. This tells customers that they have been correctly trained and are qualified to work safely and efficiently with a range of gas appliances, including boilers, fires, cookers etc.
The engineers have a strict set of guidelines to follow and must always ensure the customer receives the best possible standard of work.

Why should I hire a Gas Safe engineer?


Gas appliances have the potential to be dangerous and deadly. The risk of any issues occurring is heightened when unqualified workers attempt to service/ repair your gas appliances.
Risks can include carbon monoxide leaks, fires and explosions- so it is vital you only allow our gas safe engineers to carry out any gas work.
These risks can occur unexpectedly, with no warning signs- making it even more crucial you only hire our Gas Safe engineers.
In order to stay on the Register, engineers must follow all relevant health and safety laws/guidelines with every job they carry out. To keep you and your family safe and sound, Gas Safe engineers are the answer.


Gas Safe engineers have to carry out all work to the highest standard, in order to follow the guidelines of the register.
Every job is individual and requires different skills and steps and our gas safe engineers are careful to not cut any corners. Not only does this keep you safe, but it also ensures the work is completed to a high quality and there are no faults with it- leaving you with long-lasting, pleasing results.


Our Gas Safe engineers always try to satisfy every customer with a highly professional, efficient service.
However, at the Gas Safe Register, they know problems can arise and sometimes customers are left unhappy with work that has been carried out. They make it easy to share your concerns and all issues are resolved quickly and thoroughly.
By being on the register, engineers have to cooperate with any investigations that come as a result of negative feedback.
This gives you peace of mind that you are not going to lose any money and you will quickly end up with a service you are 100% satisfied with.

Your Gas Safe engineers in Camberley

If you need any gas works carried out in your home, our gas engineers will be happy to help you out. We offer boiler installation and other gas-related services (but not limited to) Sandhurst, Bagshot, Bracknell, Fleet, Farnborough and Sunningdale.
For more information or to arrange a quote, fill out our handy contact form, send us an email at cfsplumbing@hotmail.com or give us a ring on 01784 678 980 / 07428 799 927. We hope to hear from you soon!